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Jackson Hole Snowmobile Tours & Rentals

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Granite Hot Springs Snowmobiling

Snowmobile Granite Hot Springs

Located just 30 miles from the town of Jackson, Granite Hot Springs is a true gem and a must see on your visit to Jackson Hole. In addition to a dip in the amazing hot spring, Granite Hot Springs offers visitors amazing views of the surrounding Bridger-Teton National Forest and the beautiful Gros Ventre Range.

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Grey's River Snowmobile Tour

Greys River Snowmobile Tour

Greys River is a tributary of the Snake River, flowing through western Wyoming. The river is about 62 miles (100 km) long and eventually flows into the Snake River in the Snake River Canyon. The Greys River Tour offers beautiful views as you cruise along this wild river. This is the "road less traveled" and a local’s favorite.

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$200 per passenger

Old Faithful Snowmobile Tour

Have you ever thought about having a national park to yourself? This incredible journey through Yellowstone National Park affords that opportunity. You will make plenty of stops along the way, taking in the incredible beauty of America’s most famous national park. Learn about the history of the park and check one more item off your bucket list!

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Old Faithful Snowmobile Tour
Brooks Lake Snowmobile Tour

Continental Divide Snowmobile Tour

Explore the endless miles of the Continental Divide trail system and experience the majestic views of the towering Breccia Cliffs and Pinnacle Buttes. Then take a well-deserved break to enjoy a gourmet lunch. Nestled at an altitude of 9200 feet, this amazing location offers some of the best powder sledding in the world.

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$220 per passenger

Grand Canyon Snowmobile Tour

Many visitors consider the 'Grand Canyon' area the most beautiful locale in Yellowstone National Park. Follow in the footsteps of artist Ansel Adams and peer a thousand feet into the canyon to see Yellowstone Falls and the raging Yellowstone River. During this 90-mile tour to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, you will make ample stops for pictures.

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Grand Canyon Snowmobile Tour

Half Day Teton Snowmobile Tour

This is an 8 hour tour with amazing Teton views and stunning scenery. This trip is a perfect choice for a family’s first snowmobile adventure. There are many wide open meadows that offer various options from beginners to the experienced rider. With over 500 inches of snow annually, snow conditions make it a "mecca" for the world's best snowmobile destinations.

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Bridger Teton National Forest

Wildlife Snowmobile Tour

Set your soul free and join us in the Wyoming wild. "Solitude, isolation and wilderness" are the words that best describe the Gros Ventre Range because of the limited access to trailheads. This tour is truly off the beaten path and offers a trip deep into the Wyoming wilderness. If experiencing a rugged and wild adventure is on your bucket list, then this is a trip for you.

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$200 per passenger
Gros Ventre Wilderness Tour

Winter Activities including day tours from Jackson, WY

Join us on a Jackson Hole snowmobile trip sledding across bottomless layers of powder snow or find a hot spring along an icy river as you explore this high altitude terrain and spot wildlife. The winter snow cover provides a picturesque backdrop for a thrilling high alpine experience. The Greater Yellowstone Region is one of the world's premier snowmobile destinations. The gateway community of Jackson, WY is known for its epic snowfall making it the perfect destination for launching a snowmobiling adventure. We hand select the best snowmobile tours in Jackson Hole focusing on day tours and overnight tours in the Greater Yellowstone Region, targeting locations just outside Grand Teton National Park.

Jackson Hole Wyoming Snowmobile Tours & Trips

Jackson Hole snowmobile tours offer winter activities in the Grand Tetons with magnificent snowscapes and the best scenery in America. Winter brings less visitors and unsurpassed solitude. Jackson Hole, WY snowmobile tours and trips are unique and offer access to visit great locations that are often missed by visitors to the national parks. Snowmobiling is a great way to see wildlife and the incredible scenery of the Greater Yellowstone Region. Come join us on an unforgettable journey.

Jackson Hole Snowmobiling Tours

Taking a Yellowstone Snowmobile Tour is Not for Everyone

One-day snowmobile trips and guided tours to Old Faithful or the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone are very time consuming. All Yellowstone snowmobile trips that originate from Jackson, WY take the whole day (round trip of approx 10-12 hours), and because you are in a national park, you are limited to single track trail riding. Therefore, during periods where there is minimal snowfall for a week or more, the trails are bumpy and rutted. It is very important to understand the limitations of your group. Yellowstone snowmobile trips originating from Jackson are not ideal for younger children, for people concerned about being in the cold all day or for people who are not interested in driving 90 miles on a snowmobile. In these cases, consider snowmobiling in the incredible scenery around Jackson. Additionally, off-trail riding is not permitted in Yellowstone, so if you are looking to get on powder sleds, snowmobiling in the Jackson Hole valley is your best option. The entrance to Yellowstone National Park is an hour and a half drive from the town of Jackson, WY. If you don't have all day, Grand Teton National Park and the surrounding region have incredible wildlife, unparalleled majestic beauty and require less travel if you are staying in Jackson.

Snowmobile Rentals In Jackson Hole Wyoming

If you are looking to have independence, consider our cost effective snowmobile rentals in Jackson Hole, WY. There are plenty of places to explore on your own. We provide delivery of your snowmobiles to your hotel or on location at Togwotee Pass or Granite Hot Springs, two of the best Jackson Hole snowmobile locations. Both are accessible by trailer from of our Jackson location. If you want freedom, renting is the way to go. Call us today if you have any questions regarding our Jackson Hole snowmobile rentals.

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